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Welcome to Pioche

Pioche ( pronounced - pee-oach) is located 180 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Hanging on the side of a mountain in Nevada's high desert, it enjoys old-west charm, mild summertime temperatures, fine trout fishing, hunting, and some of Nevada's most scenic state parks.

Pioche is an old town by western standards, with many of the buildings predating the turn of the 19th century. We are far enough from the beaten track to escape the blatant commercialism that has plagued many tourist towns, but yet we do have enough facilities to handle the modest summer crowds. Boot Hill, the million-dollar courthouse, the Thompson Opera House, and the town museum are must stops for visitors interested in the town's past. Pioche also has a 9 hole golf course and the town park, near the County Court House, has complete picnic and recreational facilities, including a swimming pool.
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Million Dollar Courthouse
Thompson Opera House