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Geocaching Around Pioche
What is a Geo-cache? These are “find and leave it” types of caches. Generally, these might be in something the size of a lunch-box, or even as small as a pill bottle. You may take something from it, and you should leave something in it. Sign your name in the register, and write any comments such as what the weather was like, or your adventures along the way to finding this cache.

This new “treasure hunting” sport requires a Global Positioning System (GPS Unit) and a keen sense for adventure on-foot, on a cycle, ATV or other transportation to find a hidden treasure. The concept of the sport is to find the hidden container with your GPS coordinates and to “take some stuff and leave some stuff”. Take something unique to place in the cache when you find it. This might be as simple as a postcard from your hometown, a hat pin, a magnet, or a “cracker-jack toy”. Never put food items or items of great value (cash) in a cache – food may attract animals that might ruin the cache. Some sites have only a log book to indicate when the container has been found.

There are approximately 260 points around Pioche, Panaca and Caliente according to the popular site. Check out the following website for general information: www.geocaching.com
and a great idea is to take an extra bag to pick up some litter along the way to help clean up our treasured natural lands. Have fun! Part of geo-caching is to get outside and explore our scenic countryside.